I decided to take note of some favourite meals, healthy but the boys liked in other words.  This began as a stringy, home grown, slow cookered chicken, put the bones back in the cooker with water, cooked overnight, picked out more meat & strained off an incredibly rich stock, cooked all day on the woodstove with split peas & tonnes of veg & herbs, added a can of coconut milk, served over rice (with hot sauce for some).



Planted some parsnips this weekend.  Peas are in too, the greenhouse is sprouting full of greens & planted radishes.  I worked a full day in the yard, pulling couch grass, prepping a few beds, adding compost & mulching berry bushes & fruit trees.

The next day we got shocking news!  We received notice to move out of here by mid May!  

So NOT gearing up for a great gardening year.

AND we need a plan, quick!



Here is my cute baby, shooting me when I take his photo. The 3rd baby, little stinker.Image


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