Amethyst radish:




I let all my orach go to seed for the past couple of years & now it is like a cover crop over my whole garden, we are eating thinnings in every meal & I am adding them to my fermented vegetables.  Hopefully this is ok as I assume it is high in oxalates.



Western toad lives in the greenhouse, he/she is so tiny.



This picture looks disgusting, my smoothie before shaking it up.  I’ve been making goat milk yogurt since I can’t find kefir grains, and goat yogurt is runny.  So, the goat yogurt in a jar, add stevia, a tsp spirilina, tsp vanilla, dash cinnamon, and I’ve opening up capsules of probiotics & digestive enzymes to give an extra little blast of goodness.  Shake it & drink up!



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  1. Radishes in the garden now?! Amazing!
    I didn’t know about orach untill last year. I got some seeds from red orach (from a plant that emerged under the bird seed feeder, ha) so this year we shall have them too. Once, visiting a viking village (museum), I saw red orach in the dyer’s garden. Edible, healthy AND potential dye stuff = favourite plant 🙂

  2. Greenhouse radishes!! It is amazing, we have so much early food in this simple hoop house.
    The orach seed I picked up at a seed swap came in an envelope that says, “Orach spinach has been cultivated from as early as the 1300’s!”
    I had never heard of it as a dye plant, the idea is thrilling. I was given red orach seed & swapped for green orach and the two have crossed in my garden, perhaps I will tag & try and save the redder variety. I will do some research & experiments.
    Thanks Mona!!!

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